How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free
Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

Security breaches are climbing like never before and it makes you worry about your loved ones and nearest and dearest. As a parent or older sibling, sometime it becomes imperative to keep tab on the actions of their younger family members. You can keep low key and not irritate them by being spying iPhone text messages free. They won’t have an idea and you’ll be assured that they don’t socialize with people sending them obscene or harmful messages. There could even be a situation when you believe your spouse/partner is cheating on you. You are able to spy on their iPhone text messages and know the truth and collect evidence. For situations like this there are lots of software and apps in the marketplace to ease your own stress.

– Part 1. Free Apps to Spy on iPhone Text Messages
– Part 2. How to Spy on Messages on iPhone with the Best Software (with Guide)

Part 1. FREE Apps to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Part 1. FREE Apps to Spy on iPhone Text Messages
Part 1. FREE Apps to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

There are a lot of free programs in the marketplace to let you spy on iPhone messages at no cost. In this part of this article we are featuring iPhone programs that can enable you to keep your eye on text messages.

1. PhoneTracking

This program for spying iPhone messages is readily available for both iOS and Android phones. Upon activating the app, the whole phone conversation can be explored. Assessing the iPhone of your kids to check for any clues. Since the iPhone gets connected to PhoneTracking account, you can login to and access the information that you desire. Aside from spying on iPhone text messages, you are able to remotely view the other tasks happening with the iPhone. While the program operates in the background the target device user can not find out that it’s being monitored.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5


– Apart from spying on iPhone text messages, PhoneTracking can collect information from WhatsApp messages, phone calls, calendars etc.. |} {Additionally, it may bypass Apple iMessage safety protocols.
– You can go through the downloads and browsing history of your kids’ iPhone using this program. It’s possible to restrict their internet usages in the controller panel remotely.
– you could also pick the programs installation and usages on the target device. It’s possible to remotely delete inappropriate apps. The storage space of the device may also be formatted, if your iPhone got stolen.


– It bypasses iMessage security protocols and fetches it.
– With the distant formatting feature, you might end up accidentally deleting content that is useful.

2. TheTruthSpy

Using TheTruthSpy program, you can spy on iPhone text messages in addition to Facebook messages, and a lot of other messenger apps or social network handles. Hence, when it comes for spying your children or employees, TheTruthSpy enables you to obtain the upper hand and you’ll be allowed to meet the purpose within minutes.

Rating: 3.1 stars out of 5


– This app is packed with key logging features along with a simple interface.
– It is compatible with both main OS phones specifically Android and iOS.
– It comes in many languages alerting the users from various places.


– It has only basic options until you opt for the full edition.
– The customer service options are also not satisfactory.

3. Constructed method through iMessage

This technique, as the heading states an inbuilt method which will be easily carried out via your iPhone. It’s an excellent way when you are searching for spying on iPhone text messages for free. With this process, each iOS device user may get the target users’ sent and received messages. Here are the actions to be achieved.

Get the goal phone and start’Settings’ onto it. Now, tap on’Messages’ option and choose’Send & Receive’ option.

Spy iphone text messages free

Tap’Insert another Email’ button now and enter your email address. Now, take your device and now you can track each message being delivered and received on the target iPhone.

Spy iphone text messages free two


– There is no need to put in any excess program to spy on target device.


– Just messages could be spied with this method.

4. Free iPhone Spy by AppSpy

This iOS software is ideal for spying iPhone text messages. Being the most adopted and loved applications by the satisfied customers, this software stuck to its own loyal and quality services. When looking for an excellent spying application listing, AppSpy shouldn’t be missed. A good deal of features together with the listening centre are there for this particular program. You can monitor text messages, telephone logs, phone calls, location and even more via this amazing tool. Additionally, it has key logger feature which lets you know the passwords of their target phones.

Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5


– It is fully imperceptible and provides 24/7 support to customers.
– AppSpy guarantees full reliability and money back guarantee also.
– Notification and attentive functions will inform you when any kind of irregular action is going on.


– The setup and activation procedure is quite lengthy and time-consuming.
– Comparatively, the program operates a bit slowly.

5. 6Spy

6Spy is a yet another in the list that could enable you to spy iPhone text messages. There is an inclusive services package offered by this software and that too for free. You can get calls, SMS, any messenger app, place etc.. With its simple installation steps, you won’t be having any difficulty while using it. It is fully secure and secure to use.

Rating: 3.3 stars out of 5


– You can even track the messages that are deleted and no more in the target device.
– 6spy offers multi-user scenario implying a number of devices can be retrieved easily.
– It may be used on iPhone as well as Android.


– Interface is somewhat old fashioned.

Part 2. How to Spy on Messages on iPhone with the Best Software (with Guide)

After moving through the iPhone programs to spy text messages, then we bring you the very best applications that can render you unmatched benefits. GuestSpy monitors uses your device to track the telephone of an employee or your child liberally. Available for both iOS and Android cellphone monitoring, this program includes a knack for its very best performance. You can monitor calls, text messages, apps and a vast assortment of information types and actions on your kid or employees’ iPhone/Android apparatus.

Essential Features of GuestSpy

– You can monitor your workers in a legitimate way and work out how to invent their workload for better functionality.
– it is easy to watch over your kids, even if they are away. It enables you make certain of their safety. You can also assess their iPhone/Android device’s battery amounts.
– It works with several browsers across apparatus. Whether you are accessing on your Mac/Windows computer or mobile device, you’re never disappointed.
– You can read text messages of the target Android/iOS device remotely, together with photos, videos, calls, Social Networking messages, etc
– You can track around 29 types of information on any telephone.

Let us see the Comprehensive guide as how to spy iPhone text messages

Step 1: Create a account

Try It at

Step 2: Setup iPhone

Login to your GuestSpy accounts then enter title, age, and the OS of their mobile phone. You have to tap on the Apple logo on the base of the screen and tap’Next’.

Step 3: Enter iCloud credentials

Now, key in the iCloud ID and password for the youngster’s iPhone and then click’Confirm’. Download the program on the target iPhone also and input iCloud credentials after logging into.

Step 4: Spy iPhone text messages

Now, go to any web browser with your iPhone/Mac/Windows/Android cellphone and sign into GuestSpy control panel. Tap on’Messages’ from the left panel and the details will be shown on the next window.


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