How to Download & Install Free Spy App

You would have heard those spy apps require many roots and other advanced modifications on the target device. Well, it is all false data because there are many free spy apps that do not require any rooting method to spy on someone. A spy application is nothing but a tool that helps you to keep an eye on the phone of your target. There are many spy apps which are categorized into two groups, namely paid and unpaid. Spy apps have become very popular recently due to increased uncertainty among people. There is a specific way of downloading and installing a spy application.

Download & Install Free Spy App

Download & Install Free Spy App
Download & Install Free Spy App

In this article, we will take a look at the steps you have to follow.

Turn off scanning of apps

When you install an app, your device verifies each and every aspect of the same. This includes the safety aspects of the application too. In this case, when you install a spy app on the target device, you need to be sure about the scanning of apps. Every app which is installed is verified; hence there is a need for you to dodge it. In this case, you should disable the scanning of applications initially. There would be no restriction on the installation of any free spy application.

Turn off Google protect

There is a need for you to disable Google play protect. A Google Play protect nothing but a safety feature of Google play which does not allow harmful apps to get installed in any device. In this case, you need to turn it off from the Google store to install any free Spy application on the device successfully. There would be no stone in the downloading process, whether it be from the private official website or from Google play store. Therefore, you should turn off Google protection.

Provide all necessary permissions requested

This step is essential in order to expect a decent functioning from any free spy application. Every app requires certain permission from your device to function according to its field. Social media requires your contact, camera, etc. This is no different from the permissions required by spy applications. You have to provide every permission asked by the spy application in order to let it function properly. This includes contacts, camera, microphone, and also location. Therefore, you need to provide all these permissions first.

Download FreeSpyApp.APK

Well, you have to visit the official website using any browser like Chrome or Firefox. There is no compulsion on using a specific featured browser to download the Apk file. You can directly download the apk file from its official website. Otherwise, you can also download the main application from Google play store if its available. Previously you have disabled Google play protection. Therefore, there would be no restrictions on the downloading of any free spy application. Therefore, you need to download the apk file from the website or the application for spying from Google Play Store.

Sign up

This is the most important step to complete the downloading and installation process. After the app is installed on your phone, you need to set up to the sky on the target. This you have to provide the necessary information needed to the app to get access over the target phone. In this case, email id and password is the main requirement for registration process on the app. in addition to that, you have to provide many other details to get active access over the target you want to spy on.


These are some major steps that have to follow to download and install the free Spy app successfully. I hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information needed.