Top 10 Cell Phone Call Tracker Apps

Top 10 Cell Phone Call Tracker Apps

The Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

The Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone
The Best 10 Call Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

Mobile monitoring software is bundled on play stores and they’re important to put to good use to assure the safety and security of your partner, kids, other relatives and employs. Nowadays internet, the trending Social Media Apps entice individuals to get indulged in actions that are immoral and illegal. It is ok that one should not monitor somebody’s phone calls with telephone tracker app, or check which website they navigate, but occasionally it is crucial to be aware of what they’re managing. It is challenging to be always available on their head to check whats happening. But with such telephone monitor programs, you can check and guard your child, partner or even your enterprise.

– Part 1. The Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android
– Part 2. The Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for iPhone
– Part 3. How to Track Cell Phone Call Logs and SMS from Other Phone or Computer

Part 1. The Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android

Part 1. The Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android
Part 1. The Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android

1. GuestSpy

Now, you have GuestSpy, that’s the very best call tracker app up to now. You can now easily monitor messages, calls and other important information regarding the target device. It allows you to remotely conquer the target device and bring the significant information without coming from the note. This program comes in compatibility with all the top operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Key Features of GuestSpy Call Tracker App:

– GuestSpy despite being a call tracker program, it allows you to fetch info like telephone logs, contacts, messages etc..
– You can easily track the real-time place using GPS locator.
– With GuestSpy, shows the net browsing details and the visited sites of the target device.

App Compatibility:

– It’s compatible with 4.0 and above versions of Android.

2. Automatic Call Recorder

Automated Call Recorder is a famous call tracker app for both Android devices. To track every mobile talk of the targeted device, you can require the qualities of this app. This app is readily available on play store and comes with a user-friendly interface that lets you simple call recording. With this tool, you can record any telephone which you want to save also you can add or share notes. In Addition, It offers you to synchronize and save the telephone with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Essential Features of Automatic Call Recorder:

– Easy to install and features user responsive interface.
– You can manage to save the recorded calls and save them to cloud storage.


– The voice recording is not so clear or perceptible.
– The free version includes ads that can irritate you a good deal.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android-2.3 and above.

3. Call| Recorder – Automatic

Phone Recorder is an automatic telephone tracker app designed for Android Devices. This program is enabled with innovative recording algorithm that records the telephone when you do or get a telephone on your apparatus. It is simple to manage all of the listed content after when you’re free.

Key Features of Telephone Recorder – Automatic:

– This program works in an automated mode to record all of the apps.
– it is easy to share and listen the recorded calls.
– You are permitted to type the calls by mobile number, groups or contacts.


– Doesn’t support most of the music players to follow the recorded calls.
– The free version includes ads and you need to purchase the upper edition.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android 4.1 and other upper versions.

4. Call| Recorder

It’s trustworthy and user friendly program for every Android user. Also, it saves documents for you in an mp3 version for simple monitoring the recorded call.

Key Features of Call Recorder:

– This program is totally free for its users.
– It automatically records the calls with no hustle.
– Saves you the recorded in mp3 file formats.


– Unable to delete multiple recorded files in one go.
– Does not fit good voice recording.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android 4.1 and upper variations.

5. Hidden Auto call recorder

Hidden automobile Call Recorder is a telephone tracker app with a range of features. It is simple to record both incoming and outgoing calls in stealth mode. It’s quite simple to use and install every Android device. Additionally, you can easily manage the recorded voice call history and delete the unwanted files.

Essential Characteristics of Hidden Auto phone recorder:

– This app works on autopilot mode which means it automatically displays every call.
– You are permitted to playback and discuss the call records.
– You can share the call recordings by Bluetooth and messages.


– The voice recording quality is not up to level.
– Does not support the majority of the music apps.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android4.0.3 and upper variations.

Part 2. The Best 5 Call Tracker Apps for iPhone

1. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is the top phone monitoring and call tracker program for both iOS and Android. This program works efficiently in the backdrop and covertly provides the crucial information. Using TheTruthSpy you can readily monitor calls, text messages, place and Social programs like WhatsApp.

Key Features of TheTruthSpy:

– It enables you to track the call log details on the target device.
– it is easy to spy SMS, email, location etc..
– This program also protects you against theft efforts.


– You cannot record calls with this program.
– You need to download his application on the target device.


– This application works with iOS — 8.4, 9.0- 9.1.

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2. Highster Mobile

Highster mobile is another telephone monitoring app which helps you to monitor cellular tasks on iOS and Android apparatus. It is simple to check the call log details, browse the messages . This application is user responsive and simple to use.

Essential Features of Highster Mobile:

– Comes with user-friendly interface and simple to use.
– Lets you remotely track the call log details, social media conversations and assess real-time site.


– It lacks some important features on the control panel.


– This program works with iOS — 8 and above.

3. FlexiSPY

If you want to monitor and track the mobile activities of the target device, then Flexispy can assist you in a better way. Its efficient control panel lets you track the call log history, GPS location, and other cellular tasks.

Key Features of FlexiSPY:

– It monitors Email, Whatsapp, calls info etc..
– in addition, it’s possible to remotely take the screenshots.


– It costs you over other call tracker apps.


– This program supports iOS 6.0 into 11.x.

4. MobiStealth

If you would like to track your kids, spouse, and worker’s mobile apparatus, subsequently Mobi Stealth could be a better alternative for you. There is not any requirement of jailbreaking your iOS device. With highly advanced surveillance you can easily track the target device.

Essential Features of MobiStealth:

– Very Economical and economical in character.
– No jailbreaking required with this software.


– there are not any appropriate demo guidelines for the users.


– This app supports iOS 9 and above.

5. Mobile Spy Agent

It’s a fantastic spy broker for those who wish to monitor cellular activities on both the iOS and Android apparatus. With this fantastic spy recorder app, you have to keep an eagle’s eye to the browser action, ongoing and incoming calls and the installed programs on the browser.

Key Features of Mobile Spy Agent:

– Its stealth mode retains the program hidden on the target device.
– You can easily track the GPS place, SMS, phone history etc with this application.


– it doesn’t provide decent customer care.


– It supports iOS 2.x to 6.x.

Part 3. How to Track Cell Phone Call Logs and SMS from Other Phone or Computer

GuestSpy leads just like the very best call tracker program and also allows you to look at the information on other phone. There are opportunities when you will need to figure out the cellular activities of your partner, kid or’m unfaithful employ. Here, phone tracking programs like GuestSpy program assist you in attaining this effort liberally. This program offers compatibility both with Android and iOS (such as iOS 11) operating systems. It can help you to track the real-time place, telephone log details, and internet browsing details, messages and other relevant items onto the target device.

Why Pick This Mobile Phone Call Tracker App:

– GuestSpy permits you to track the SMS, call logs, contacts and other important info.
– You can check the real-time location of the target device using GPS locator.
– With GuestSpy, it’s easy to look at the net browsing details as well as the visited websites.
– You can remotely track every cellular activity and even the Social Apps conversations on the target device.
– You can selectively preview the media files onto the target device like images and videos.

Easy Steps to Track Someone’s Cell Phone Calls and SMS

Adhere to the below-mentioned steps to check data on other telephone using GuestSpy.

Step 1. Produce GuestSpy Account

Initially you have had to make an active accounts with GuestSpy and for this, you may see its official website. Enter a valid email address with a password to sign in.

Step 2. OS System Selection

After sign in, you have to offer the details of the target individual and the target device, such as the Name, Age and then select the operating system. The options are Android and iOS.

Step 3. Setup for Android and iPhone

On choosing Android, you need to download and install the GuestSpy call & SMS tracker program on the target device. Before launching this program you need to enable the”Unknown sources”. Now, get signed in with the GuestSpy accounts and concur on all consent to it.

This telephone tracking app also allows you to spy on your iOS apparatus as well but you do not need to install it o the target device. In addition, it doesn’t call for jailbreaking but all you need is iCLoud ID and password to the target device.

Step 4. Start Monitoring

Then, finally click the”Start Tracking” button along with the GuestSpy icon will disappear from the app drawer, suggesting the monitoring tool has begun. Log in again using the GuestSpy accounts and open the Control Panel. This enables you to spy data on the target device.


You may take help of various call tracker program to track the mobile activities of the target device. But the majority of them include restricted capabilities. Here, GuestSpy can help you with the all the latest features and monitors on every activity in detail.


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